"Hello! I'm visiting NYC for the weekend and currently at prohibition enjoying your show!!! You guys are awesome!! How much would you charge to come to Florida to play a live set at my wedding early next year??"


Private Party


I threw a surprise 40th birthday party for my 80's loving, guitar playing husband, and The Strangers did not disappoint. They were absolutely amazing. They were flawless with all the 80's iconic hair band favorites that we know and love.

The talent of the band was impressive. The vocals were right on as well as the amazing musicians who did not leave a note unplayed. My husband was blown away!

They were so accommodating to all of my crazy requests such as singing a song with them and letting my husband jam as well. The night was spectacular and so many amazing memories were made! Thank you so much for making this party so perfect!  

                                                                                                    - Stefany G

"I just want to say that I never heard or saw the band until last Saturday at the St. Moritz. My wife & I were blown away! Every song played was awesome. The vocals were spot on and the band sounded very tight. We danced as much as our bodies allowed. Ha ha. We can't wait until  we can see you again and dance & hear every set. It was also my birthday and your band made it that much more special. Thanks again."


Private Party -

The Strangers are an awesome cover band!! I had the pleasure of asking them to be part of a family event and they didn't disappoint.  Each and every member is full of energy and musical talent.  They do a great job with the performance and incorporating the crowd.  The song list which is ever expanding in a great throwback to years past and the group does a fantastic job with their performance.  Nothing like a live band to bring back memories.  The Strangers were very accommodating and flexible with the playlist.  The group even prepared and performed some requests that I had asked for in advance.  I would highly recommend them for a party or go catch them when they are playing locally next time.